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Meajore 12-inch Silicone Kitchen Spoons

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

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TL;DR: These easy to clean, sturdy, heat-resistant silicone spoons won’t melt, crack, or stain and they won’t damage your non-stick cookware.

Whether you’re mixing batter for cakes, stirring together ingredients for soups and sauces, or sautéing vegetables on high heat for a stir fry, these 12" straight-handled silicone kitchen spoons are the tool for just about any mixing job. They’re made from high-quality, FDA-approved food-grade BPA-free silicone that offers several benefits over spoons made from other materials.

A picture of 12" silicone kitchen spoons in black, green, blue and red.
Photo ©Meajore

One of the key benefits of silicone spoons is that they are heat-resistant, which makes them ideal for cooking and stirring really hot foods. Unlike spoons made from metal or plastic, silicone spoons won't melt, crack or warp when exposed to high temperatures, and they won't scratch your cookware. This means that you can use them safely on non-stick surfaces without worrying about damaging the coating. They also don’t conduct heat, so whatever’s not in direct contact with the food, remains cool to the touch. We’ve had plastic spoons melt into the bottom of a pan while we’re cooking and let me tell you—it’s not appetizing or safe!

Another benefit of silicone spoons is that they are non-stick and non-reactive. This means that they won't leave behind any residue or flavors from previous cooking sessions, and they won't react with acidic ingredients like tomato sauce or vinegar. Additionally, the non-stick surface makes them easy to clean, because food won't stick to the spoon. Ditch the stained, cracked, warped and melted plastic and wooden spoons for a much better choice all around!

This particular set of 4 spoons is rated up to 480°F (~ 250°C). You might find others that are rated for higher temperatures, but we chose these for their seamless, straight-handle design because it makes for a comfortable grip that‘s easy to hold and use. We don’t tend to leave cooking utensils in whatever we’re cooking for very long, so more heat resistance isn’t a big selling point for us. The handles have a rigid core that doesn’t bend even when you are stirring thick or heavy ingredients and the soft silicone provides a positive, no-slip grip.

Overall, these dishwasher-safe 12" stain and odor-resistant silicone kitchen spoons are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and versatile kitchen spoon. Their comfortable design makes them a pleasure to use and their heat-resistant, non-stick, and non-reactive properties, puts them far and above wood, metal or plastic alternatives.

We give this a Toastercrumbs Rating of: 5 crumbs


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